Failure to Participate Rule 142.4

At all Competitions under Rules 1.1(a), (b), (c) and (f), an athlete shall be excluded from participation in all further evens (including other events in which he/she is simultaneously participating) in the competition, including relays, in cases where :

  1. A final confirmation was given that the athlete would start in an event but then failed to participate.NOTE : A fixed time for the final confirmation of participation shall be published in advance.
  2. An athlete qualified in any qualification Round of an event for further participation in that eventthen failed to participate further;
  3. An athlete failed to compete honestly with bona fide effort. The relevant Referee will decide on thisand corresponding reference must be made in the Official Results.

However, a medical certificate, provided by and based on an examination of the athlete by the Medical Delegate appointed under Rule 113 or if no Medical Delegate has been appointed, by a medical doctor so designated by the Organisers, may be accepted as sufficient reason to accept that the athlete became unable to compete after confirmations closed or after competing in a previous round, but will be able to compete in further events on a subsequent ay of the competition.

The relevant Referee, once aware of such a situation and is satisfied that the athlete who abandoned the race was not competing with a bona fide effort, must make reference to this in the relevant results as “DNF Rule 142.4(c)”. Either in the process of the Referee making such a decision or the Jury of Appeal considering any protest by or on behalf of the athlete can be considered. The Rule sets out the process that should explicitly be followed in the case of a medical reason.

Failure to Report to the Call Room Rule 142.5

Subject always to any additional sanction under Rule 142.4 and except as provided below, an athlete shall be excluded from participation in any event which he is not present in the Call Room at the relevant time as published in the Call Room Schedule (see Rule 138). He shall be shown in the results as DNS.

The relevant Referee will decide on this ( including whether the athlete may compete under protest if a decision cannot be made immediately )and the corresponding reference must be made in the official results.

Referred directly from IAAF 2018/19 Rule Book

The Lists of Athletes will be published at the end of each of the 1st and 2nd Days, as well as posted on the Website, Notice Board and available from TIC.

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