There will be qualifying rounds for the follwing Field Events
All athletes reaching the Automatic Qualifying Standard will qualify for the Final
The next best athletes up to a maximum of 12 athletes will qualify for the Final
Where two or more athletes share the 12th position, they will all qualify for the Final
   28th, 29th & 30th March 2019   
Dal Josaphat Stadium (Paarl)
Automatic Qualifying Standards
SeqDayTimeAge GroupEventQualifying PerformanceVertical Jumps Starting Heights & Increments
4108:00B18Triple Jump13,75m
6109:00G18Pole Vault2,40m*10cm-2,60m*5cm
9109:30G18Discus Throw40,00m
12109:45B20High Jump2,01m1,85m*5cm -1,95m*3cm
23111:30B18High Jump1,96m1,80m*5cm-1,90m*3cm
29114:00G20Pole Vault2,60m*10cm-2,80m*5cm
39115:30G18High Jump1,66m1,50m*5cm-1,60m*3cm
59207:00G18Shot Put14,40m
60208:00G18Long Jump5,50m
65209:00B18Pole Vault3,50m*10cm-3,70*5cm
68209:30B18Long Jump6,85m
71210:00B148High Jump1,80m*5cm-1,90m*3cm
78211:00G20Long Jump5,50m
80211:30G18Hammer Throw50,00m
87215:00B20Long Jump7,00m
88215:00G18High Jump1,50m*5cm-1,60m*3cm
116309:30B20Pole Vault3,80m*10cm-4,00*5cm
119310:00G20High Jump1,50m*5cm-1,60m*3cm
130315:00B20High Jump1,85m*5cm-1,95m*3cm
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