Results for: TWIZZER ASA U18 & U20 T&F CHAMPIONSHIPS at DAL JOSAPHAT STADIUM (PAARL) from 2019/03/28 to 2019/03/30

Ordered by Program Sequence

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108 Final Men U20 (Junior) 10km Walk
109 Final Men U18 (Youth) Hammer
110 Final Women U20 (Junior) Shotput
112 Final Men U18 (Youth) TripleJump
113 Semi Final 1 of 2 Men U18 (Youth) 200m
113 Semi Final 2 of 2 Men U18 (Youth) 200m
115 Semi Final 1 of 2 Men U20 (Junior) 200m
115 Semi Final 2 of 2 Men U20 (Junior) 200m
116 Final Men U20 (Junior) Polevault
118 Heat 1 of 2 Men U18 (Youth) 1500m
118 Heat 2 of 2 Men U18 (Youth) 1500m
119 Final Women U20 (Junior) HighJump
120 Final Women U18 (Youth) Hammer
121 Final Men U20 (Junior) Shotput
122 Final Men U20 (Junior) TripleJump
124 Heat 1 of 2 Men U20 (Junior) 1500m
124 Heat 2 of 2 Men U20 (Junior) 1500m
125 Final Women U20 (Junior) LongJump
126 Final Women U18 (Youth) 400m
127 Final Men U18 (Youth) 400m
128 Final Women U20 (Junior) 400m
129 Final Men U20 (Junior) 400m
130 Final Men U20 (Junior) HighJump
131 Final Women U18 (Youth) LongJump
132 Final Women U20 (Junior) Hammer
133 Final Men U18 (Youth) Shotput
134 Final Men U18 (Youth) LongJump
135 Final Women U18 (Youth) 200m
136 Final Men U18 (Youth) 200m
137 Final Women U20 (Junior) 200m
138 Final Men U20 (Junior) 200m
139 Final Women U18 (Youth) 1500m
140 Final Men U18 (Youth) 1500m
141 Final Women U20 (Junior) 1500m
142 Final Men U20 (Junior) 1500m
143 Final Women U18 (Youth) 4X100m Relay
144 FinalResults Men U18 (Youth) 4X100m Relay
145 Final Women U20 (Junior) 4X100m Relay
146 Final Women U18 (Youth) Shotput
147 Final Men U20 (Junior) Hammer
148 Final Men U20 (Junior) LongJump
149 Final Men U20 (Junior) 4X100m Relay
150 Final Women U20 (Junior) 5000m
151 Final Women U18 (Youth) 4X400m Relay
152 Final Men U18 (Youth) 4X400m Relay
153 Final Women U20 (Junior) 4X400m Relay
154 Final Men U20 (Junior) 4X400m Relay